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Where have all the Ravers gone?
The Punks, the Skaters, the Metalheadz?
Green hair, shaved heads, dreadlocks twirled in.
Anarchy signs around their necks,
Doc Martins on their feet.
Just back from tagging the love of their life onto walls.

Where have all the Rebels gone?
The BasquiatsKurt CobainsThom Yorkes?
The artists, the idealists, the originals?
Where have all the big emotions gone?
World Pain? World Rage? World Ecstasy?
Where the anthems, breakbeats, bass lines?

All Flat. Alle one. Same Same.
Conform. Norm. Worn.
No cracks, no scratches.
No edges, no flaws.
Cancel Culture instead of taking a stand.
Life with no pulse instead of life at the limit.

Stay under the radar?
Live low-key?
Hang on to straight beats?
Tag along?
Be good?

What if …

You live out loud?
Dare to stand out?
Allow breakbeats?
Invite boldness?
Bring out the Rebel in you?

Think different.
Leave your mark.
Conquer your environment like a street artist.
Beautify, challenge or revive it.
Participate rather than visit.
Plant your DNA.
Spread your Soul.
Bring in your heartbeat.
Become one with your world.
Until you feel it up to the core.

Do you have the courage …

To live out loud?
To take a stand?
To allow more heartbeat?

And what does that mean for you?

Maybe the following tips help you to live out loud more!

Show your edges!

  • What are your edges? Your stains? What makes you YOU?
  • What kind of music makes your heart beat faster? Which beat drives you forward?
  • Which piece of clothing reflects your attitude towards life? What label expresses what you stand for?
  • What Rebel inspires you? What attracts you about her?

What edges are you already living? What is missing? What are you longing for?

Shout it out! LOUD!

Make a Challenge List

  • Write down all the things that you’ve always wanted to do or be and that you have not yet dared to. Or capture the edges you want to live louder.
  • What are the top 3 Challenges you want face to live out loud? For more heartbeat in your life?

Come to REBEL COACH CAMP and face your biggest Challenge!

  • Face your biggest Challenge together with other Rebels!
  • Gain CLARITY on your challenge & develop a FUTRUE VISION what you long for instead
  • Get to know your INSIDE TEAM: learn what inner voices and limiting beliefs hold you back and what aspects of your personality support you to move forward
  • Make your 1. STEP towards a big change in front of your peer group
  • Register now for the next REBEL COACH CAMP!

Boost your Courage with a hymn!

  • Find a song that gives you courage when you listen to it. One that raises your spirits and fuels your heart. One like the walk-on songs of the boxers. Or even set up a whole REBEL Playlist.
  • Here is my REBEL PLAYLIST, which I was listening to in 2017, when I designed the REBEL COACH CAMP 
  • Listen to it whenever you need courage to face your challenge! Let the beat drive you to the camp.


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