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What is it to be a brave leader?
A leader with courage?
What does it involve? What qualities? What behaviors?

For me, a leader with courage has many facets!
A leader with courage models the following 8 aspects of leadership.

Follow your heart!
Do what is important to you, even against the tide.
Be idealistic, have a vision, live your passion.
Bring into the world what is important to you.
Go forward and take others with you. Shape the future.

Feel fear … and do it anyway!
Face your fears, act despite your fear.
Speak in public even though you are afraid of it.
Fly long distances despite your fear of flying.
Show up fully even though you are afraid of rejection.

Persist in the face of adversity!
Don’t run away when things get difficult. Stay!
Don’t avoid conflicts.
Give unpleasant feedback.
Don’t give up right away when you face setbacks. Keep trying, even if you fail.

Do the right thing!
Speak up, say what you think. Even at the risk of making yourself unpopular.
Address injustice.
Defend your values.
Support those who need your voice.

Let go of the familiar!
Go to the unknown without backup and not knowing what will happen.
Make bold decisions, think big, take risks, break new ground.
Give up control.

Make the best of all situations!
Accept strokes of faith, your own failures, inner and outer obstacles or uncertainty.
Say “Yes … and” and make the best of it. (see Susan Jeffers, Feel the Fear and do it anyway)
Reframe and see things from a new persepective, handle it creatively.

Be vulnerable!
Admit mistakes or fail in front of others.
Show blind spots, be imperfect.
Say that you don’t know.
Show your emotions.

Be authentic
Be 100% yourself. Always.
Do your thing, live your values ​​and your “why”.
Bring in your strengths. And your quirks.
Do what you say. Ask for what you need.
Be of integrity.

To be a brave leader is definitely a challenge!
And one worthwhile, what do you think?

What leader are you?
What is your challenge?
Where would you like to have more courage?

I can help you be a courageous leader and Coach!

Just give me a shout!
Or learn how to be a Leader & Coach in my Coaching Skills Online Training!


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