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What would you like to be or do … and didn’t dare to face it so far?
Where do you want to be more courageous?
What is your challenge?

Maybe you want to quit your job and change directions.
Finally follow your heart. Start your own business. Be an Artist or Coach.

Maybe you want to speak in front of many people about something that is really important to you.
Express your opinion. Say no. Draw boundaries.

Maybe you want to think big and have more impact than currently.
Expand your business. Be a Pioneer. Write a book.
Definitely … make a difference.

Maybe you want to be 100% authentic and visible.
Take off masks. Be a leader with edges. And feel good about it.

But …
… every time you think about the thing you want, you get stressed.
Nervous. Tense.
You quickly think about something else.
You avoid situations, people, comments that remind you of it.
You carry on as always.
You change nothing.
You postpone your dream.

That’s normal!
Why is that?

Any major change we want to address triggers some kind of inner conversation in our mind. We hear our thoughts as voices:

“You have a vision. Dare to go for it! “(The Courageous Voice)

“How do you want to survive financially?” (The Alarmist)

“What if you fail? You are putting your image at risk! “(The Image Keeper)

“You are so creative! So far, you’ve always had a backup plan! “(The Creative One)

“Just try it out!” (The Spontaneous One)

“In the past, you’ve always achieved what you wanted. You will manage that, too! “(The Wise One)

“You are not good enough!” (The Judge)

Some voices are supportive, help us. The courageous, wise or creative part in us, for example. Other voices limit us, hold us back. Our fears, inner critics, beliefs.

All of these voices together are your “INSIDE TEAM” – the collection of your thoughts, feelings and personality aspects that show up when you think about the change you want to make. (cf. Cynthia Darst, Meet Your Inside Team) Each voice tells you it’s point of view on the topic. Whether you want to hear it or not.

When the voices are in harmony, you often don’t even notice them.
When they are not “in sync”, when they wrestle with each other, you perceive them as inner disturbance. Or even as an internal conflict.

And then?
You avoid what triggers the conversation.
You stick to what you know.
You change nothing.
You give up new ideas because they don’t feel safe.
You are not courageous.
You are not facing your challenge.

It doesn’t have to be like that!
You can get to know your INSIDE TEAM!
You can get conscious of the voices that are at work!
You can identify those aspects of your personality that support you and the ones that limit you!
And as soon as you are awaree of what is happening, you can change it.
You decide which voice you want to listen to.
You choose how you want to play the game.


Come to the REBEL COACH CAMP and, with my help and the support of your peer group, you will identify your INSIDE TEAM that shows up whenever you think about the change you want to make.
You will learn how your INSIDE TEAM operates and how you can influence the dynamics.
So that you will master your challenge.
So that you will write your book. Start your business. Be brave and change your job.
Or whatever else you want to make happen.

Or try it yourself!
Identify your INSIDE TEAM in the following 5 steps (see Cynthia Darst, Meet Your Inside Team):

1. Become aware of your inner conversation!

First of all, it’s important that you become aware of the inner conversation that is going on when you think of your challenge. It is best to do this exercise with a partner!

  • Tell your partner everything about your challenge that comes to mind … for a few minutes
  • While listening, your partner should pay attention to the different voices and perspectives she is hearing on the topic.
  • Next, your partner will give you feedback on the voices she heard.
  • Take notes about what you are learning!

2. Identify your voices!

  • Make a collage with all the voices you are hearing!
  • Use a postit for every voice and add what the voice is telling you (e.g. “Dare to do this!”) and the quality it brings (e.g. “courage”)

3. Identify the loudest voice!

  • Identify the loudest or most dominant voice!
  • Turn her into a stage character:
    • What is the voice saying?
    • What does she look like?
    • What are her qualitites?
    • What impact does she have on you?
    • What does she want for you?

4. Get to know the team dynamics!

  • Play back the conversation. Let the voices (postits) come on stage, one after the other, like in a play.
  • Observe the dynamics. Just like a stage director studies his play.
  • Ask yourself:
    • How is the game played?
    • Who comes onto the “stage” first? Who else?
    • Who is allied? Who cannot be heard at all?
    • Who “wins” the game?

5. Add “I”!

What you’ve identified so far are “ONLY” voices, only aspects of you.
What is still missing is the “I”.
YOU as the “I” are much more than those individual voices.
You are the one who recognizes the voices and decides which one to listen to!
You are the one who can change agreements and team dynamics.

So …

  • Write “I” on a postit and add it to your INSIDE TEAM!
  • Reflect:
    • What do you notice?
    • What are you learning?

You now know YOUR INSIDE TEAM.
You now know how the game is played.
Cool stuff, right?
What’s different now? What’s new?
What is possible for you now that you know your INSIDE TEAM?

And …
Do you want to play the game like that?
Or do you want to play it differently?
You can change it!
You can strengthen those voices that support you.
You can adjust the dynamics.

How about if you come to REBEL COACH CAMP and learn how to play the game by your rules!

Register and set the course for YOUR BOLD CHANGE.


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